Alexander Schertz

Which real estate agency is the best for me?

This is the most difficult question each real estate owner is confronted with and finds to be the most troublesome to answer. The key towards making your decision and the completing the finishing touches on a contract between yourself and an agent should result from a basic mutual trust.

Most importantly to the owner is the ability to rely on the agent�s professionalism, who on the other side should be proficient in finding a buyer within a minimum of time yet by achieving the maximum in profit for his client.

Of course this sounds like the promise you will hear from any agent. But how can you be certain of who is trustworthy?

To us, the clarity of our work and openness are the main components of our agency. We share our activities with you as a base of reliable cooperation. We log all of our activities to enable you to be informed about our work at all times.

Please take the time and explore our site and decide for yourself if you would like to present your estate in a superior manner.

Sincerely yours
Alexander Schertz
Erfolg für Sie

We will sell your real estate successfully!

Placing ads, organize appointments for inspections, enter negotiations, correspond with administrative offices, authorities, banks, etc. Every one who is willing to undergo this journey is forced to invest a lot of time and money.

Thankfully there are specialists available! We arrange all the necessary steps which come along with selling a property with accuracy while achieving the highest profit. Please ask us! We gladly offer advise!

We offer the following services

  • Assessment of your real estate and acquirement of all necessary documents.
  • Extensive advertisement as well as creation of an high-class expos�, presentation of your real estate in
        magazines and internet-sites.
  • Information about our solvent clientele and professional inspection-appointments of your real estate.
  • Engagements between buyer and seller, if needed multi-lingual.
  • Advise about questions concerning administration offices, offices and banks.
  • Assistance with contract negotiations with the notary public up to the registration in the land registrar.